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Worried how you would provide for your family in the event of ill health or an accident?

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 Confused by all the financial jargon? we’ll simplify it for you;

 Intimidated by what information you have to provide us? We need very little.

What are our protection policies and pensions?

 Life Assurance – peace of mind that your loved ones will be looked after;

 Pension – freedom during your retirement years to live life to the full;

 Income Protection – provides regular income if you are unable to work;

 Serious Illness Cover – provides a lump sum if you are diagnosed with an illness covered by your policy.

What can Investor Care do for you?

 Money – we save you money on premiums and pension costs;

Time – with our expert market knowledge, we save you time;

 Effort – we streamline and simplify the process to make it easy for you;

 Service – you have not experienced real service until you experience Investor Care service.


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